• First Listen: Another Destiny Project – Final Surrender

    I’m proud to introduce the new single of Another Destiny Project the international free project featuring artists from all over the world. In this track we have the pleasure to featuring 2 great artists: guitarist, composer and producer Tim Ciantar from Australia and the guitar virtuoso Alexandra Zerner from Bulgaria

  • Jammerzine Exclusive: ADP’s Sander Brandriet – From NeoVamp to NeoTech

    In today’s day and age with the internet and media becoming both mobile and interactive it’s hard to stay on top of things and still seem fresh and relevant. That is until you meet Sander Brandriet, multimedialist and social media guru from Holland. Sander is hard to pin down when

  • Jay Godar
    Naylor’s Notes: Jay Godar

    For those of you from the American Region, you may be scratching your head and thinking, “I don’t understand The Lyrics.”  Well, I’m here to tell you 1st hand that if you listen with your heart you will understand the songs.  Music is the national symbol of peace, where all

  • Susana C. Marquez
    Naylor’s Notes: Susana C. Marquez

    With energy that she can’t seem to hold in.  She jumps up and down as if on a pogo stick, smiles at her fans, and allows her vocals to pour into the crowd.  With a smile from ear to ear her eyes will stare directly into your soul as she hypnotizes

  • Alexandra Zerner - 9 Stories
    Daily Dose: Alexandra Zerner – A Perfect Day for Bananafish

    Born on December 26th, 1980 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Alexandra Zerner is a solo artist, guitar player, multi-instrumentalist and composer. She has been working as a session musician, soundengineer and guitar teacher since 2001. In 2013 she participated as a guest musician to the We All Die (Laughing)’s first album “Thoughtscanning”.

  • And the Winner of the New Logo Contest Is…

    After a long and close contest with a lot of really good entries we finally have a winner for Another Destiny Project’s New Logo contest and his name is <meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; URL=/ryanofjammer?_fb_noscript=1″ />(2) Lucio Roia<meta http-equiv=”X-Frame-Options” content=”DENY” /> Lucio Roia from Italy! Thank you Lucia! Check out Lucio’s band on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Karn/267773676986

  • Michel Dubois
    Naylor’s Notes: Michel Dubois

    A compelling composer from Liege Belgium. With a hard rock based electronic sound, he has set out to spin your mind. Some sounds will draw you in and make you think, while other sounds will explode from his soul, and everyone around you will fade into a trance that they

  • Savannah
    Naylor’s Notes: Savannah Unplugged

    With a smile that will light up the darkest of days. Savannah Collins, describes herself in just one word as, “Driven.”  The passion she has for her music has been distributed world-wide, as she is now collaborating with artists’ on a global level with, Another Destiny Project.  Check out what she has

  • Alexey Soloviev
    Naylor’s Notes: Alexey Soloviev

    The music starts out slow, and then before you realize it, you find yourself as a character of the story.  You’re not sure where it will end, but you know in your heart that the plot soon will thicken.  Then (CRASH)!!  The energy the music was building begins to pour

  • Daily Dose: Peter Pahor – Fate’s Flight

    FROM PETER: When i finished high school my mother asked me a question: “What do you want to do with your life?” I answered: “I wanna play guitar“. after that answer (and the screams of my mother) I decided to pack my stuff and go away from my home. Lonely

  • Naylor’s Notes: Tony Lipari – Rikshaw

    Jazzy & upbeat, as the music flows through your soul. Then his words start to tell a story. The words blend together, and your feet tap in time with the beat. Your body sways, as you feel every word has a story to tell about your life. Tony Lipari is

  • Naylor’s Notes: Ana Axe

    A voice that soothes, with music that will melt your soul.  The rhythm seems to stay in time with the beat of your heart.  Collaborating with artist’s from around the world, and with Another Destiny Project, Ana Axe pours her heart & soul into every project she takes on.  Check out what she has to

  • Daily Dose: Sander Brandriet – World’s Apart

    Sander Brandriet is a composer from the Netherlands, his musical style is diverse, producing cinematic works but also heavy metal and electronic works. The biggest drive Sander has in music is to create something beautiful. Musical influences are Mozart, Bach, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Celldweller. There is a

  • Naylor’s Notes: Derek Buckwalter – RZN8R

    Just a guy from the San Francisco Bay area, who has a blast with everybody he loves the most. Even if he doesn’t know you he can still strike up a conversation that’s eligible to last 20 minutes or better. Derek Buckwalter, is a guy with many ideas, and sometimes

  • Naylor’s Notes – Alexandra Zerner of Another Destiny Project

      When did you start your band? I actually don’t have a band.  I am a solo artist and I play electric guitar since 1993.  I am now working on my debut solo album now and it will be available in few weeks. Which instruments do you play? Electric and

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