Peter Pahor
Photo By Giuliana Milos

When i finished high school my mother asked me a question: “What do you want to do with your life?” I answered: “I wanna play guitar“. after that answer (and the screams of my mother) I decided to pack my stuff and go away from my home. Lonely but full of passion I started to play in local bands and at the same time study at the local university and work in a factory… but despite all that good times I was spending playing I felt that i was missing something.. I had to find my right dimension, my right way to express my creativity! I had a lot ideas about writing music.. but people didn’t have the same passion about music that I had. so I started to produce my first songs and I liked it too much. after that experience i understood that be a music producer were what I was searching for me. the composition, the sounds, the technology, the feelings etc… all the things I always loved all together! create music to share with the world is simply amazing and give me the force to wake up in the morning.

I don’t know how to describe exactly what I want to do or I want create. I think my inspiration is connected on my big passion of travels, movies and books. my artistic creations are very different one with each other and I don’t have one specific genre where I can put myself. I grew up with a lot influences… from black metal concerts to Ibiza’s discotheque. From playing in the streets of Spain as a busker to composing music for commercial spots. I’m against to give a label to art. I think the only way to understand something in music is listen it without prejudice.

Another Destiny Project is an experimental project where different artists of the world are featured to create the music. It’s a very cool thing believe me!!! Check it out on