Just a guy from the San Francisco Bay area, who has a blast with everybody he loves the most. Even if he doesn’t know you he can still strike up a conversation that’s eligible to last 20 minutes or better. Derek Buckwalter, is a guy with many ideas, and sometimes just not enough paper to lay the idea’s down.  Read on to find out more about, “RZN8R.”

RZN8R, pronounced “resonator,” is the moniker of Oakland-raised producer/singer Derek Buckwalter. Derek draws from a wide array of influences, fusing his passions for singing, new thought spirituality, and beats, to craft deep, lush, hypnotic grooves.

From early childhood, music and creativity pulsed through Derek’s veins. He involved himself in pursuits including piano, and the Oakland-based, Grammy-winning Pacific Boychoir Academy, whom he stayed with for nine years. Derek channeled his interest in spirituality into an extensive involvement with the Centers for Spiritual Living, a faith organization that sees love and connection in all things. He discovered that music production was the middle-man between his singing and spirituality.

Learning music production opened Derek’s sound to whole new avenues of expression and elevated his singing into the 21st century. Derek devoted his pursuit into fusing acoustic music with electronic music and seeking out ways of playing electronic music live. By playing live, he believed that a performer fosters a deeper connection with their audience.

RZN8R is the culmination of Derek’s experiences: his experiences with singing, with music production, his desire to seek out ways of making electronic music more live, as and his spiritual background. While the RZN8R solo project is still in its infancy, Derek is well-versed in good old sonic therapy. He just wants his sound to make you go “oooh.”


Music to make you go “oooh”
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