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    The Test Drive: Goldpark – Goldpark 2

    Goldpark has today released thier new EP titled 'Goldpark 2'. Being a follow-up, or sequel, if you will, to 'Goldpark One', we get that continuation and evolution of the original sound of a true indie band.

    First Listen: Goldpark – Covered In Sunshine + Tour Info

    Goldpark has today released their new single titled 'Covered In Sunshine'. Grit mixed with groove overlayed with serene guitars and a bit of strings, 'Covered In Sunshine' adds a smile to what may have been a dreary and hot summer with a positive song and memorable hook that lasts a lifetime and feels infinite. Simply a beautiful song, Goldpark remind us that there is still happiness in this world.

    First Listen: Goldpark – Lady Lightyear

    Goldpark has today released their new single titled 'Lady Lightyear', from their upcoming EP 'Goldpark Two'. Featuring the monster hook right at the start with a subtle build up right before and gently sliding into a continuous pop-rock piece of signature magic is brilliance within this song. Take a listen. 'Lady Lightyear' chugs along at it's own pace and feels like magic. It feels signature. It feels like what music is supposed to be.