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    First Listen: indifferentMonKey – Go Supersonic (Monkey Mix)

    indifferentMonKey have today released their new single titled 'Go Supersonic (Monkey Mix) featuring D.J. Skyjump and Norah Sunset. indifferentMonKey have evolved into an electronic juggernaut with a mix of styles all their own. While 'Go...

    First Listen: indifferentMonKeY – Space Race

    indifferentMonKeY have today released their new single titled 'Space Race'. indifferentMonKeY is a project that has long found it's sound and everything they release at this point in their careers is a continuous and...

    First Look: indifferentMonKeY – Human Diamond

    indifferentMonKeY has released their new video for the track titled 'Human Diamond'. A trip hop anti-war modern protest opus with a smooth groove and an endearing quality about itself that lends to your ears as well as your mind. Sneaking up from behind with an alt-rock way about it and a slow build to the payoff, 'Human Diamond' is a sleeper of a song with an awakening message.
    indifferentMonKeY - Where's Jane Bond?

    First Listen: indifferentMonKeY – Where’s Jane Bond?

    indifferentMonKeY have returned with their new single titled 'Where's Jane Bond', featuring new singer Pippa as well as in conjunction with the new James Bond film 'No Time to Die'. The question remains,...
    indifferentMonKeY – God or Machine?

    First Look: indifferentMonKeY – God or Machine?

    https://videos.files.wordpress.com/Hr1Dcwfx/indifferentmonkey_hd.mp4 indifferentMonKeY has released the video for the track titled 'God or Machine?'. A few weeks ago we reviewed the single from indifferentMonKeY and now the video, in my opinion, encapsulates the darkly sensual and...
    indifferentMonKeY - God or Machine?

    First Listen: indifferentMonKeY – God or Machine?

    indifferentMonKeY has dropped the new single titled 'God or Machine?'.

    Daily Dose: indifferentMonKeY – Astrostar

    From a love of making music is indifferentMonKeY. Created by Joe Lowe and working with many musicians the tracks are soft and heavy grooves within a trip hop style. indifferentMonKeY are working on putting...

    First Listen: IndifferentMonKeY – I Can See You (on Facebook)

    Using original nineties loops written with his long-time friend/collaborator Mark Lingard, Joseph has written and produced music with a new fresh sound that can best be described as 'Funked Up Trip Hop'. Many of...