indifferentMonKey have today released their new single titled ‘Go Supersonic (Monkey Mix) featuring D.J. Skyjump and Norah Sunset. indifferentMonKey have evolved into an electronic juggernaut with a mix of styles all their own.

While ‘Go Supersonic’, in this mix form, is clearly a dance track, the roots of rock are still heir apparent and the soul is still at the center.

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About indifferentMonKey

indifferentMonKey were formed by songwriter/producer Joe Lowe. Over the last 18 months the band have developed their own ‘original sound’ . Inspired by Many. They copy no-one. The end result of their recordings draw on all sorts of elements and create that unmistakable sound of “indifferentMonKeY”. The band’s debut album “Love & Peace” came out on the 3rd Feb 2023. The Next album is already half way there. (Working title “You are the indiffferentMonKeY”).

Reactions over the last 12 months to the band’s huge output have been fantastic. They have been played on the iconic KCRW in LA to the BBC. Hundreds of indie Radio Stations have been playing there music in rotation and they continue to get picked up by more every week.

Back in March 22 the band stepped on to the stage (a carpet in a small pub) for the first time. Since that first tentative step, in just 18 months, the band have played around 40 gigs. Playing venues such as the New Continental in Preston (Preston’s main music venue), The Ferret in Preston (Preston’s only other main music venue), Gigs in Manchester and co-headlined with the iconic “Hawkwind”. The live gigs just get increasingly more powerful. This year indifferentMonKeY are on the bill at Diva Fest with acts such as Morcheeba, Star Sailor, Fleur East, Feeder and many more household names.