While many other bands and artists are trying to make it with rehashed beats and played out samples, it’s really refreshing to listen to “Take the Stares” by Love Hustler. Love Hustler is on a precipice, at the moment, when it comes to the Midwest music scene.  Hailing from Indiana, a part of the United States known for metal, styled blues, post-punk, hip-hop, and Nickelback fans, Love Hustler buck the surrounding trends and rejuvenate the new #indie with a solid sound and “groovyliciously-beatastical” rhythm by combing all things synth with disco and funk beats, live instrumentation, and soulful……well…..soul, with just enough rough edges that demands that “Take the Stares” be played on a $10,000 sound system installed in a $1,000 car due to the meticulous yet freeform song structure and stadium-filling final mix. This truly is the evolution of revolution.

You can’t spell “discovery” without disco. There’s a reason for that.

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'Take the Stares' cover.
‘Take the Stares’ cover.

About Love Hustler
Love Hustler is an electro-funk duo formed in 2007 by multi-instrumentalists Adam “CosmicKid” Rudolph and Matt Cashdollar. Originally intended as a studio collaboration, Love Hustler maintains a blend of modern funk. electro, house, and synth-pop styles.

In support of their debut album “White Hot” in 2015, the funky duo has created one of the most unique live experiences in the Midwest. Bursting with style and substance, Love Hustler aims to move their audience by blending live instruments with original beats and samples artfully crafted in their studio.

Adam Rudolph’s passion for creating music at a young age has driven him to grow into a respected producer, songwriter, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist. He has produced dozens of regionally acclaimed albums at his Cosmic Kid Productions Recording Studio. Rudolph’s love of music started with a drumset. It wasn’t long after that he began acquiring an arsenal of instruments to feature on his own music and recording to a 4 track tape player. After many years as resident funky drummer for horn-based funk band The Freak Brothers, Rudolph set out to create an all-encompassing platform for seamless integration of his live vocals, live instrumentation, and handcrafted audio samples…packaged in a DJ-like format all it’s own.

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After earning a Jazz Studies degree from the prestigious Jacobs School of Music, Matt Cashdollar traveled internationally as a professional saxophonist and eventually settled in Chicago for 4 years where he worked as a freelance musician, arranger, and music instructor. He has recorded well over 30 original house track with Chicago legends Anthony Nicholson, William Kurk, and Glenn Underground, along with studio projects BetaVision, Kung FuKHZ, and Doctor Moonrocks. Shortly after moving back to Indiana, he founded Boogie Force Records as his love of synthesizers and sound design expanded to help launch Love Hustler out of the studio and into the club. Collectively, the LH duo has shared the stage with the Ohio Players, Zapp, Babyface, Here Come the Mummies, SLAVE, Cheap Trick, David Lee Roth, The Slackers, The English Beat, The Urge, Reel Big Fish, Blood, Sweat,& Tears, and KC & The Sunshine Band.

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