1. Clockwork Man The Bloodstreams 3:28

The Bloodstreams are set to release their new single titled ‘Clockwork Man’ on April 1st. 60’s pop with 80’s influence and 90’s grit, ‘Clockwork Man’ gives you an ode to originality with a ‘f*ck you’ to conformity and a handshake to hip via an anthem fit to give us all our snark back.

About The Bloodstreams & ‘Clockwork Man’

The single is a follow up to debut single “Columbine”, released to critical acclaim back in Dec 2021. This time, Danny (bass) takes center stage and leads the vocal charge with Beatles-like harmonies and backing vocals from Jasmine (Keys) & James (lead guitar).

Taken from forthcoming debut album (released late 2022), Clockwork Man is a scream of frustration, of loneliness and despair in a routine formed around the concept of time, in the modern World.

Wanting to fight to break the chains of civilization and society whilst simultaneously being trapped in the televised system of social media in order to present a version of ourselves that either mirrors or masks the mundane wand the crushing weight of repeated cycles dominating our ability to stay alive, away from the natural world we all came from.

The sounds are polarizing somewhat, from their prior releases demonstrating the scope and eclecticism of The Bloodstreams, this time honing in on a 60’s retro twang of electric 12 string nodding to the likes of The Byrds and The Beatles, with a rawness touching on garage rock and early twinges of punk often heard in The Stooges or Velvet Underground, and the blast of synth and real saxophones and trumpet not dissimilar to Teardrop Explodes.

The band have a heap of London and “out of town” shows on the cards in the coming months, so it’s set to be a busy year ahead.