The Eighty Six Seas have today released the new video for the track titled ‘Lonely Afternoon’ from their upcoming album ‘Scenes from an Art Heist’, dropping February 23rd.

A slow burn of a beat-tastic track musically branded for instant recognition, the hook is a monster and the scope is subtly grandiose with a signature sound that generates fans as well as listens.

But the real star of the video is that marriage between sight and sound. Immersive entertainment that showcases the song with a style. A perfect gateway drug for what is to come.

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About ‘Lonely Afternoon’

Inspired by the true events of the Stewart-Gardner museum heist, “Lonely Afternoon” is an upbeat folktronica tune bound to get you on your feet. With a peppy synth bass line and slinky guitar tones, the track’s production takes the form of New Order or The Cure, while Nick Stevens vocals draw heavy inspiration from that of The National or Grizzly Bear. Throughout the video, we are welcomed into an abstract vignette of a struggling businessman who decides to bring color to his life by stealing a piece of art.

About The Eighty Six Seas

The Eighty Six Seas is the moniker of Nick Stevens, a Brooklyn-based artist who weaves a tapestry of indie folk, indie rock, indie pop, and electronica into a sound all his own, decorating it with sweeping strings and poetic stories. After being exposed to a wealth of musical sounds and styles new to Stevens, he founded The Eighty Six Seas – an homage to the 1986 Boston Celtics.

Though Stevens originally grew up in Massachusetts, he has since relocated to Brooklyn, which is where the bulk of his songwriting takes place. Most recently, The Eighty Six Seas are gearing up for the release of their concept album Scenes From An Art Heist, slated for release in early 2024.