Jammerzine has an exclusive interview with Skum Love from the ever ascending dark post-punk rock band known as Skumlove.

With their new track titled ‘EGO’, Skumlove revisit a song from the past and integrate said song into the relevancy of the present and show that, while some things change, others remain the same.

  1. Ego Skumlove 04:06

‘EGO’ is a track that proves some things remain timeless. With a new re-recording and a reimage of the sound, ‘EGO’ shows that the world hasn’t changed everywhere with the narcissism and ‘feed the ego’ mentality that shows the world still believes that the wants of the one outweighs the needs of the many.

And, in this interview, we talk with Skum about the history of ‘EGO’ as well as the state of the world today and the future of the music that is Skumlove.

About Skumlove

Skumlove is a post punk dark rock band from Los Angeles California. The band has been at the forefront of the LA music scene for many years with a worldwide following. They have put out numerous independent releases as well as two full albums; Songs of Lust and Corrosion and Sinister Minister.

They combine classic punk rock ethics with a heavy rock Groove bordering on metal industrial. Never one to jump on a bandwagon but rather A band that sticks to their own ethos and play what they want. Lyrically Skumlove keeps it very tongue-in-cheek, sexually fueled with dark puns.

The band has toured and played with some of Rock’s elite artists Danzig, Ministry, Lords of Acid, CombiChrist, Type-o-Negative, prong and Static-X.

Skumlove’s Live shows take it to another level with choreographed backing singers, visuals and an IN YOUR FACE performance rarely seen these days. Skumlove has no signs of slowing down and has only gotten better with time.

If hell had a house band Skumlove would be it.

SOURCE: Official Bio