1. A Better Me (Acoustic) The Real J Israel 3:38

The Real J Israel is an up and coming R&B and soul artist from Atlanta, Georgia. With a unique sound that combines chill, downbeat R&B tones with refreshingly down-to-earth vocals, The Real J Israel is one of the hottest names in the genre.

Growing up the son of a minister, The Real J Israel spent most of his early life in and around gospel choirs. This taught him the power of music, and how to inject soul and passion into his voice. In the last few years, The Real J Israel has embraced a completely new sound, switching from traditional gospel music to a more personal, intimate brand of R&B for the purpose of better expressing himself as an artist. Although he has moved into a new genre, his music is still influenced by gospel and maintains a rich and warm feel that is different from other R&B tracks today.

Perhaps most unique to The Real J Israel’s sound is how refreshingly authentic and grounded his lyrics feel. Outside of his career as a musician, The Real J Israel is proudly married to his childhood sweetheart, the father of seven children, and the owner of a successful small-business. These experiences have clearly helped The Real J Israel stay humble, which in turn has influenced his music and made it warm, relatable, and authentic.

SOURCE: Official Bio