Award-winning Songwriter Gar Francis together with Bruce Ferguson wrote songs for the band The Satisfactors and their first single was approved on the Final list of the 57th Grammy Awards’ Ballot with the following Entries:
• Best Rock Song: “Johnny Commando”
• Best Arrangement, Instruments/Vocals “Johnny Commando”

JOHNNY COMMANDO is a tribute to the legendary guitarist Johnny Ramone. Johnny as we all know was the driving force behind the raw kinetic energy of the Ramones. This is the first official release by the Long Branch, New Jersey based Punk/Rock band THE SATISFACTORS. Produced by Kurt Reil and Gar Francis for Bongo Boy Records. The single and the upcoming album were recorded, mixed, and mastered at the House Of Vibes in Highland Park , New Jersey.

Their self-titled album is now out on Bongo Boy Records.

Music critic and reviewer Rich Quinlan(JerseyBeat) wrote “ “Johnny Commando” is the stand out track here. It’s a loving tribute to the legendary Johnny Ramone that sums his life and personality up perfectly when Ferguson says, “You broke down the doors with a buzzsaw slam/never gave in to all the glitz and glam”, while Gar Francis captures Johnny’s likeness with ripping guitar work. It is a perfectly fitting salute to the godfather of punk guitar. JerseyBeat –

“A wonderful ride back to New York City’s 1970′s punk heyday. Bruce Ferguson (The Easy Outs) delivers kick ass vocals, with inflections and nuances that remind me of Joey Ramone. The guitar is simple, yet driving, with a dynamite riff and solo. The chorus is fabulous, driving me to rock and bop as I listened. The harmonies are perfectly punk, the transitions amazing, and the hook kills. Produced by Kurt Reil (The Grip Weeds) and Jersey’s godfather of garage, Gar Francis, what else should I have expected? This song is punk in all its glory.” Review by Bobby Gottesman – Can’t Believe My Earz