1. The Alpha and the Omega Fervency 1:00
  2. Passion in Fidelity Fervency 1:00
  3. Lengthened Spoons Fervency 1:00
  4. An Apple Fervency 1:00
  5. Imperfect Circles Fervency 1:00
  6. Pillars of Creation Fervency 1:00
  7. Phi Fervency 1:00
  8. The Biology of Belief Fervency 1:00
  9. Lowering Entropy Fervency 1:00
  10. The Soulmate Puzzle Fervency 1:00

Fervency began in mid-2010 with Danish songwriter Thomas Blæsbjerg on analogues/synths, guitars and bass and UK/Luxembourgian co-collaborator Calvin Batley on vocals, lyrics, guitars and bass.

With a sound and vibe reminiscent of acts such as Depeche mode, Nick Cave, and Faith No More, Fervency creates musical landscapes which are deep and diverse, bound together by a bed of alternative rock. Deep, pulsing, analogue lines, and smooth vocals, launch explorations into modern philosophical schools of thought. Sometimes dark and moody yet with classic pop/rock compositions, Fervency strive to give innovative twists to an established genres.

‘Lowering Entropy’ is their third album and follows ‘Equilibrium’ and ‘In a Grain of Sand’

Lead Tracks:
The Biology of Belief

The Biology of Belief is a tribute to the research and work of biologist Bruce Lipton and his recognition of epigenetics: the effect of mind/perception over the biochemistry of the body. His work has profound implications for mankind and is a part of a new biology – positive thought, moral choice, environments, child rearing, behavior and the immediate and lasting effects of choice.

The Alpha and the Omega

This is a song of the beginning and the end, the eternal interaction, refraction, reaction interaction that occurs in every moment, space, time, simultaneously. A universal act of breathing, a cosmic engine of growth and propagation. It is the night and the knowledge of day, it is the all and the everything, ineffable but knowable, from seed to plant to seed again.



Artwork for the record is by Dorte Naomi: