To quote myself in 1991 after hearing my favorite metal band’s new song: “That sh*t f*cking kranked!” And thats the feeling I get with KillSET’s two new singles “My Whole Life” and “Cold Victim”. The venomous riffs and catchy hooks are all there and this band sounds tight! If this isn’t where hard rock is headed it’s where it should be. KillSET continues where Cage9 left off!

About KillSET:
A new project rising from the soiled ashes of other musical endeavors. KillSET was formed by taking an experienced, professional, well-oiled, digital grunge nu metal machine and adding the missing ingredient, an explosive, highly ignited, charismatic front man. Now being undeniably accomplished in all facets of music ranging from creativity to musicianship to originality, KillSET is poised to erupt & transform the music scene into a chaotic aftermath.

The band was created when former ARCM members, James “Jas” Dillon (Drums), Mark Baker (Bass), and Dave Comer (Guitars), combined forces with new singer Luca (Choleric). Instantly, there was an addictive atmosphere in the writing process that was undeniable. With an anything goes attitude, the contributions and writing styles of each member seemed to perfectly complement one another’s individual uniqueness, to create a sound that beautifully kills. KillSET then joined forces with renowned producer, Eddie Wohl (Fuel, Smile Empty Soul, Anthrax, Ill Nino) and completed their debut E.P. which is set to make the masses recognize the combined ferocity and simple beauty that is KillSET!

SOURCE: Official Bio

Photo by Stellar Shots