91693-Rose_Tinted_GlassesA walk across Wimbledon Commons in 2013 sparked a chance conversation with a seasoned touring session drummer, after a brief exchange of niceties, came the remark ‘ Bob stop making excuses and just f—ken do it’ Some people have a calling and some people are born to be in front of an audience.

If you take a Little Scottish, a Little Southern and Little Piece of the Rest of the World and throw them all in a blender, top it off with a sense of optimism , attitude and reality, you will begin understand where we are coming from and where we are going. We always enjoy the journey, what’s the point of going, if you are just going to complain

The raw emotion of the indie sound meets the irony of country music, singer Bob Boyle remarked ‘ if you like grew up listening to ‘The Clash and now you enjoy listening to Rascal Flats, who you gonna go see?

SOURCE: Official Bio