Today I have a very special guest who just released a very special song. The guest is Nigel Thomas, newly soloed from his band The Foxes, and the song is “Fever”, a song about a personal experience Nigel had that we’ve all gone through to one degree or another. “Fever” will be released on November 9th and will be followed by a tour (dates below). Until then, check out this interview and learn how Nigel got his start and how he’s ready to tackle the future. Nigel is truly a brilliant artist for the indie generation.

We will be doing a review of Nigel’s new album on the 9th so stay tuned!

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About Nigel Thomas:
Nigel Thomas has already achieved fame fronting the cult indie pop band ‘The Foxes.’ With this stellar group, Nigel supported the likes of The Troggs, Eddie and the Hot Rods, Amy McDonald, The Zombies, Newton Falkner and The Animals. The Foxes did countless tours of the UK and beyond with household names and created unforgettable experiences.

Now it’s time for Nigel to carve his own path and he has done that expertly with his new single ‘Fever’. The track explores the theme of madness and depravity and is both intoxicating in its execution and enthralling in its delivery.

Nigel was inspired to write the song from a personal experience in which he collapsed in the kitchen due to severe illness. Realising there was no one there to help him; Nigel felt empathy for those who experience both illness and mental illness without any support networks.

Drawing from influences ranging from Blur, The Kinks, Elliott Smith and Paul McCartney, Nigel Thomas creates his own distinct brand of indie rock by way of classic guitar music. He is also inspired by seminal literature such as William Burrough’s ‘A Naked Lunch’, Palahniuk’s ‘Haunted’, and ‘American Psycho’ by Ellis.

Keeping the theme of fame prevalent, Nigel worked on The Foxes acclaimed debut album with renowned producer John Cornfield who produced acclaimed albums from The Sugarbabes, Supergrass and The Maccabees. This time round Nigel self-produced his latest offering with Mike’s son Luke Oldfield at Tilehouse Studios.

‘Fever’ is scheduled for release on November 9th followed by a UK mini tour and several shows in Germany.

Tour Dates:
9th November – Fever Launch Party, London
18th November – Glasgow
19th November – Edinburgh
20th November – Aberdeen @ Drummonds w/Dante
27th November – Hamburg, Germany
28th November – Leipzig, Germany