1. Paris With a Broken Heart Abductees 3:17

Drunk, newly dumped and wandering aimlessly in the rain, abductees songwriter Ando found himself in the French capital, surrounded by young love and revolutionary lust. Couples kissed and gazed at each other as our protagonist sat alone on the riverbank and poured his daft little heart out. The result rides a sludgy grunge riff worthy of Mudhoney ’87 into a sweeter-thenhoney, day-glo chorus which swings dangerously close to The Buggles, irreverent but genuine, thundering like a juggernaut and leaving you with no doubt: There’s no place worse than Paris with a broken heart.

After the breakup of the world’s first business-metal band, Hostile Takeover, singer Ando decamped to Los Angeles and formed abductees as a rockabilly group in 2017. A salubrious set of members – the drummer Sandwich, Dead Hands Eddy, Jimmy the Sleaze, Mrs Lady – came and left. The music got more and more messed up but remained informed by the seedy side of its surroundings, crafting tales of serial killers (Ted Bundy), Blade Runner Replicants (I Long For The Warmth of a Human Heart) and posing important questions (Who’s Gonna Be Your Axl Rose?). abductees now craft a kind of neo-grunge Seapunk informed by Art Brut, The Icarus Line, The Hives, Bo Diddley and The Human League.

SOURCE: Official Bio