Alpha Venturi have today released their new single titled ‘Radiate’, from their latest self titled album, also released today. Known for their hard rock roots, Alpha Venturi delve into slight genre-splitting with an introspective sounding and rock-ish track. Beautifully drenched in quiet dirt from the intro, the track rides a one hilled rollercoaster that spans from calm to crank with virtuosity found in every note.

The album (playlist below) is also out today and, don’t let ‘Radiate’ fool you, this is a diversity juggernaut. Take each track individually.

About Alpha Venturi & ‘Radiate’

Walking the fine line between method and melody, New York-based power trio Alpha Venturi have distilled a unique blend of hard rock and metal that conjures up elements of funk, dance, prog, and thrash. Their sound balances melodic and hook-filled choruses with charged-up grooves and technical instrumentation, with lyrics touching upon concepts observing the darkest and lightest parts of not just the world, but also the mind.

This multi-genre brainchild band of vocalist and guitarist Sean Quinn Hanley and drummer Tyler Stackhouse was formed in the midst of the chaotic year that was 2020. However, cultivating and perfecting the songs that came to define the energy of the band truly helped bring an atmosphere of equilibrium to the surrounding chaos in their lives. Although not inherently a band looking to revive an old sound, the singable choruses mixed with prominent guitar solos and driven drum chops can’t help but evoke the hyped energy of classic heavy bands from eras past.

Determined to make sure listeners can get down with funk breaks and metal breakdowns in the same sonic space, Alpha Venturi hopes to encourage people to find their own voice and accept that what they feel, see, and have to offer is valid, no matter how strange or uncharted it all may be. The members themselves may not come from identical musical tastes and backgrounds, but they know how to meet right in the middle of their styles to make something that definitely hits in a one of a kind “signature cocktail” manner.

2022 brings not just the beginning of their public presence, but also many exciting new ventures for the Venturi, with the release of new music as well as touring East Coast venues with their touring bassist Edward Rojas in the spring and summer as support for legendary guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. Much like the EKG monitor line that subtly makes up the “AV” logo of the band, Alpha Venturi is excited to be adding their own signature heartbeat to help in the growing statement with other new acts that reassures heavy music fans everywhere that yes, the loudness has found a lifeline, and with new sounds and messages to get on board with.

Tour Dates

  • 4/29 Harrisburg, PA – XL Live
  • 4/30 Norfolk, VA – The NorVa
  • 5/1 Hartford, CT – Infinity Music Hall
  • 5/3 Patchogue, NY – Patchogue Theater
  • 5/4 Leesburg, VA – Tally Ho Theater
  • 5/6 Norwalk, CT – Wall St Theater
  • 5/7 New York, NY – Gramercy Theatre
  • 5/9 Chester, NY – Sugar Loaf Performing Arts Center
  • 6/1 in Birmingham, AL- Iron City
  • 6/3 Orlando, FL – Plaza Live
  • 6/4 Ft Lauderdale, FL – The Parker