American Anymen has today released their new album titled ‘Rain Falling Up’. I have had the rare privilege of watching American Anymen during their transformation into what they are becoming and seeing that evolution of revolution of this band in only the truest form possible in the independent music scene.

With ‘Rain Falling Up’, we get a metamorphosis from a band that continuously has found their sound and reinvents itself with every offering.

That album introduction with the track ‘No Questions’ really sets the tone and lets you know to just press play and let the album roll. Listen to it as it was meant to be heard. With all those little nuances in each song that are as outside the box as they are left of center. Let this take you in and become a part of you.

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About American Anymen

American Anymen is a music/video art collective started in 1999. The music was shaped in a major way by the Antifolk scene of NYC’s lower east side. The new sound is heavily influenced by industrial metal.