American Anymen is quickly becoming a guilty pleasure around here at Jammerzine. Not only is American Anymen (fronted by Brett Sullivan, interview HERE), diverse but AA is good at being diverse. Listen to how tracks like “Selectively Stupid”, “Nobody Made Me Smile Like You Did”, and “Flag Burner” don’t really sound like the same act.

Being the “genre-hoppers” that they (or Brett) is, American Anymen change it up once again into a more folksy, “Dylan-esque” styling in the form of “Anniversary”. This time around, the collaboration is from Herman Dune (David Ivar) and the talented painter/musician Mayon. The heavy sing-a-long style really suits this track and the fact that this track was done pseudo-spontaneously, gives this track a credibility of being true to the craft. What I mean by that is that the best songs are from the heart. They are not “assembly line” as many songs are today by being written and marketed by those who are not the artist. giving the whole musical experience a form of fakery that can only be achieved by those who perform the work of others. This is something that American Anymen, or anyone ever associated with them, will or can ever be accused of. “Anniversary”, to me, represents a purity that is quickly disappearing in music. All music. And like all things endangered, “Anniversary” is that rare thing of beauty that must be appreciated while there is still time. Rarity is individuality and individuality is originality. Take a couple minutes and listen to what originality sounds like.

Get your copy of “Anniversary” HERE.

About American Anymen
American Anymen is a music collective started in 1999 in New York City’s Lower East Side by video artist Brett Sullivan. It found a home in the Antifolk scene and has traveled the States and Europe playing venues that cater to this DIY sound and style. They have released 13 albums and many accompanying video projects.

Herman Dune is David Ivar’s musical project. It was started in 1999 in Paris, France. David is a French/Swedish citizen who began playing Antifolk at a time when in France no DIY scene existed. In 2006 Herman Dune released a dozen records, some with big releases (EMI/ SOURCE/VIRGIN) and some on the label he created himself (Strange Moosic). Herman Dune has been touring all over Europe and States as well as organizing the MOFO music festival.

Mayon is a French painter living in San Pedro, CA. She has written two full-length albums and her songs have been featured in movies and TV shows like “Lemon,” and “A Girl Is A Gun.”

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Brett: “We recorded this track at David’s Santa Cruz Studios in the Los Angeles neighborhood of San Pedro. The idea of recording the song came about spontaneously. We set up, did three takes, and picked the one we liked best. I think the tracks sound reflects the immediacy of our recording session and the fact that humans play the instruments and are not always perfect.”

SOURCE: Official Bio