1. An Interivew With Andy Couzens Jammerzine 30:06

Andy Couzens has a long and varied history in music. Starting out with The Waterfront in the early eighties, he then graduated to The Stone Roses and The High. And now, in a true “history comes full circle” fashion, a fresh pair of previously unreleased tracks from The Waterfront have surfaced and released to help a truly great service in the U.K. known as The Christie, in Manchester, U.K.. The Christie are leading experts in cancer care, research, and education, based in Manchester.

In today’s interview, we explore Andy’s time in The Stone Roses as well as his musical history and current goings-on. Enjoy!

Learn more about The Christie HERE.

The Waterfront promo cover.
The Waterfront promo cover.

About The Waterfront
The Waterfront were the predecessor for the legendary band we now know as The Stone Roses. The band consisted of Andy Couzens ( Guitar ), Gary ‘Mani’ Mounfield ( Bass ), David ‘ Kaiser’ Carty (vocals), John Squire ( Guitar ) and Chris Goodwin ( Drums ). Although the band never gigged they did record 2 tracks in a small studio in Dukinfield, a handful of cassettes were distributed among friends and to local venues.

These recordings have now been lovingly re-mastered from the original ¼ master tape, courtesy of Andy Couzens for a special Record Store Day release to raise money for The Christie in Manchester. Andy and John later formed The Stone Roses with Mani joining a few years later. Chris ended up in numerous bands before having success with Andy in The High. Kaiser chose a different path and went to serve for Queen and Country.