Never ones to slow down, the band teased their forthcoming music in the spring with the release of the politically charged People’s Champ, which fans can expect to set the tone for the collection of brand-new recordings.

“On Rally Cry, there’s an urgency to recording these songs and hearing them back. It’s our sharpest and most concentrated effort yet,” describes frontman Max Kerman. “Rally Cry is the idea of a communal heart, a connected spirit. Whether it’s political songs or love songs, they share the same starting place.”

The bold and gritty cover art, designed by Arkell’s guitarist, Mike DeAngelis, was largely inspired by the live-show spirit the band has worked to capture on the new album. “We made Rally Cry in the midst of touring our last record, with our live show fresh in our minds each time we entered the studio,” notes DeAngelis. “I wanted the art to reflect that same vibrant energy that made its way into the recordings as a result.”

Regularly credited as one of the hardest working bands, Arkells have stayed ever-present, relentlessly touring in support of 2016’s gold-certified Morning Report, which was extended by the surprise release of single Knocking At The Door – which became the most played alt-rock song of the year in Canada and topped the charts for 14 weeks.

Their recent tour included festival stops from Coachella to Lollapalooza plus a surprise viral trip to the 2018 Olympics in South Korea and a UK tour in support of Frank Turner. Following Frank supporting Arkells on their recent Canadian dates, Arkells switched places and joined him on his UK tour in the Spring. Frank has spoken about Arkells being an inspiration to him on his recent album Be More Kind – see here.

“On our last album, Morning Report, we dipped our toes into the water, and learned that the boldest and most gratifying ideas were the ones where we took the biggest chances,” furthers Kerman. “That record emboldened us and gave us the confidence to trust our instincts even more. On Rally Cry, we’ve risen to the challenge and we’re playing for keeps. We can’t wait to share it and play it live.”