Deleo premieres their new single ‘Mythomania’ plus album, and video premieres by Speed of Sound, The Swagger, Vision Video, Darwin, Harry Stafford, I Like Trains, Tarah Who?, and Shishi.

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About Deleo

Deleo is set to drop their new single titled ‘Mythomania’ on June 19, 2020. By the first listen it is apparent that Deleo has that certain something where they can show that they’ve not only found their sound; they’ve crafted it. And crafted it in such a way that they are recognizable within those first few precious notes; within the timespan, it takes to grab the attention of even the most casual of listeners.

‘Mythomania’ has that beautiful hook that forces one to hit the quick rewind a few times just to recapture that initial ‘aha’ moment. There is nothing more perfect than to be introduced to a band or artist with such a track.

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About Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound will drop their new single titled ‘Glide On By’ on June 26th. Ahead of that date, we have a sneak-peek of things to come; and those things are original. The style and sound are quirky and original in that way that is Speed Of Sound, yet there is something more here. There is that feeling of coasting and freefall within the music trapped inside the lyrics. This is that new inner dystopia found in us all.


About the Swagger

The Swagger dropped their new single titled ‘Loaded Gun’ on May 25th, 2020. The band continues that magic momentum began years ago with a progression of the originality within the sound and the heaviness of the riff and rapture within the track. Combining what has inspired with what is contrived, The Swagger gives that hope within the hook that gives us that light at the end of the tunnel with a stadium worthy foot-stomper that is steady in the beat and gritty to the core with an inspirational interlude fit for the times.

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About Vision Video

Vision Video officially releases their double-single titled ‘In My Side’ & ‘Inked in Red’. If you like the age of Joy Division/New Order, The Smiths, Bauhaus, and that era in general, then you are going to look at Vision Video as a breath of fresh air from the lungs of that genre.

‘In My Side’ gives that classic-style bassline underneath the glistening chime of the guitars with that disclaiming and bellowing style of vocals that needs to come back in earnest.

‘Inked in Red’ gives a different take, or side of the same coin, in that the stylistic percussion in concert with the synth and guitars is blistering in appeal and captivating in attention. These two tracks combined give bookends to that certain feeling you get when you hear the classic bands you love. Savor that.

‘In My Side / Inked In Red’ is out now across digital platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. Their debut album is expected later this year.

About Darwin

Darwin has released their video for the track titled ‘Dance Alone’. With a suave execution and a smooth demeanor, Darwin adds a dark cool to the dance floor with introversion seen only in an earnest and true #indie artistry. Capturing that moment when originality meets the silent masses wanting more yet expecting less this is a solid surprise for all.

As of June 1, ‘Dance Alone’ is available everywhere digitally, including SpotifyApple Music, and Bandcamp. The video for ‘Dance Alone’ premiered on May 31.


About Harry Stafford

Harry Stafford has officially dropped his new video for the track titled ‘Gothic Urban Blues’. With a cheeky demeanor and a penchant for originality, Harry gives a single and video rife with personality and charm with that jazzy bravado and grit between the seams brimming with hooks and retro with style. Let this song sink in with a nice brandy.

The ‘Gothic Urban Blues’ single is out on May 15. The full album is available everywhere, including iTunes and Spotify, and can be ordered on vinyl and CD via Bandcamp.

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About I Like Trains

I Like Trains drops their new video for the track titled ‘The Truth’. Almost in a style set in its own noir, I Like Trains begs the question ‘Is that the best you can do?’. Set in these unique and trying times, I like Trains gives that tell-all to the truth with a hard-hitting ode to social questioning in a time of social distancing. And it works.

While the single is available across digital platforms now, the full ‘KOMPROMAT’ album will be released on August 21 on black vinyl LP, limited edition silver vinyl LP and CD, as well as digitally.


About Tarah Who?

Tarah Who? officially drop their new video titled ‘Pantomath’. One thing I absolutely love about Tarah Who? is the fact that they clearly evolve from one release to the next. Not just with music but stylistically and visually as well. ‘Pantomath’, as a video, has an almost Tarantino approach to it. But, more-so than that, there is this symbiosis between the song and the video that captures that essence that is not only Tarah Who? but independent music itself, or at least where #indie music should be. And that is a beautiful place to be.

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