JammerZine had the privilege to have an exclusive interview with Canadian Rock Band Mirrelia to discuss their sophomore effort, The Actor, the recording process, what’s it like to be a band in the modern music industry, as well as the past, present, and future. You can download your copy of The Actor right now at http://mirrelia.bandcamp.com/.

You can also hear one of Mirrelia’s latest tracks, “Six Over Seven”, in our Daily Dose feature at http://jammerzine.com/daily-dose-mirrelia-six-over-seven/.

About Mirrelia:
Mirrelia was formed in 2010 with the clear vision to create a form of music that is unique in its delivery, honest in its message, and pure in its essence. The band draws influences from Pop, R&B, Jazz, Progressive Metal, and Hardcore to create an interesting sound that draws listeners in.

The band’s debut self-titled EP was released on October 15th, 2012 to local and international acclaim. From the post-hardcore reminiscent tinges on the opener “Brassdame” through the pop-rock influences on the first single “East of Eden”, to the overtly heavy tones in “Stray,” The self-titled EP was a collection and celebration of musical diversity and freedom. After two years, the band is back with their three song EP entitled The Actor. The EP serves as a sample of the band’s current sound before they record The Director later this year. The EP shows the band’s vast musical evolution in songwriting, as evidenced in the grandiose “Absences.” With a growing reputation as acclaimed song writers, and uncompromising live performers, the essence of Mirrelia is strong and embraced by audiences across Ontario. The independent Toronto act continues to strive for perfection, honesty, and to deliver a raw, conscious and unconscious passion through both recorded and live performances.