You’ve just released your highly anticipated new single ‘BPM’ How are you feeling about it?
Excited that it is out there, and also feels a bit surreal. This is something I have always wanted and it is finally here.

What are your biggest musical influences? What are you listening to at the moment?
I love 90’s music- Simply Red- that reminds me of my parents. Elvis reminds me of my Nana. The first album I ever bought was Toni Braxton. At the moment people like- Jay Z, Kanye West, Ella Eyre, Beyonce-then it could even be another Country- being in Dubai and hearing the Call to Prayer inspired me- that eastern influence in music.

What do you think makes a good song and what do you set out to achieve with the music you release?
I think a good song is one that makes you feel something- any emotion- sadness or even the need to dance. As long as it makes you feel.

You recently starred in a TV show called ‘Nadia Goes To Hollywood’. What was it like to give the public such intimate access to your life?
I think it is an interesting, you get to share your experience- a window into this crazy industry. I find it interesting to watch and love being able to do that for people- I use to love MTV The Diary- which is not a million miles off what I am doing. There are moments on screen which makes you cringe and think ‘oh no, they got that on camera!’ but it shows me.

How was your experience of working on music in the USA? Did you learn anything there that was different to other places you have recorded?
Yeah definitely- no matter where you record it depends on the Producer- it became so routine in LA I could be barefooted, practically in my PJs- comfortable. When we were in Paramount there would be someone crazy next door- like Bruno Mars- amazing but mental to be in the same creative space as these big artists.

As well as being a singer, you’re also a model. What is your go-to look?
Liner- lots of eyeliner and big hair. Big hair is my safety blanket – bigger, longer the better

What’s your favorite beauty tip?
Take your make up off before you go to bed and watch what you eat, everything you put in your body comes out on your skin.

As someone who’s always in front of the camera, do you have any great advice for being confident?
Pretend you are a character- I become this character when on screen, still me but more outgoing!

What has been your favourite career moment so far?
Ooo there are so many- the last 2 years I have been crazy doing stuff, stuff I have dreamt of doing- being able to sing the National Anthem is definitely up there.

What’s next for you?
There are lots of projects in the pipeline and gigs – go to for all the info on my gigs.