Daniel Alexander releases “EVOCATIVE” his debut EP under Tate Music Group. This 4-track EP features fragments of R&B and Pop while not shying away from the pulsing rhythms of electronic dance music. With his unique sound, Daniel Alexander is sure to leave you restless, yet out of breathe, and evoking you to blur the lines between what is masculine and feminine.

A star from birth, Daniel Alexander staged performances on a makeshift stage in his Miami home for his family. He demanded attention with cleverly planned skits and pop culture interpretations often followed by a dramatic rendition of ‘Don’t Cry for Me Argentina.” No one knew then that Daniel Alexander was molding himself into the ground breaking and trail blazing artist he is today. “My music stems from the deepest and most personal melodies of my untamed mind” explains the half Cuban half El Salvadorian music artist. “As an artist I infuse pop and dance music with infectious drum lines and sexually driven lyrics that we can all relate to once we let down our guards.” Daniel Alexander has noticed big changes in the music industry since he began recording four years ago. In the beginning of his career producers tried to force him into being a mainstream cookie cutter pop artist. Fearing his music would lose its identity and essence Daniel Alexander resolved to remain true to his artistry even if it meant he would not achieve high record sales. “I said to the producers you can keep your money, cars, and chicks, just give me a mic and some glitter.” He sees other artist following a similar path. “Artists are finally taking a stand against the industry. I for one am relieved that I have remained true to my principals. The freedom to express myself honestly is what makes me feel beautiful.”

“Today’s youth are the first to realize that music doesn’t have to be black and white. I sing songs that might be considered more appropriate for female singers but my ability to show a different side of masculinity is what sets me apart from other male artists. I pull off the femininity the song demands, so why shouldn’t I sing it?” Life, heartache and happiness are the three main ingredients that inspire Daniel Alexander’s songwriting.

Here is Daniel’s 2012 hit, Touch Me.