Beauty In Chaos has today released their new video titled ‘Afterlife’, featuring Tish Ciravolo and from their latest album ‘Behind the Veil’, out now via 33.3 Music Collective.

If ‘Orion‘ is the yin, then ‘Afterlife’ is the yang. We get the bookends of the creative spectrum from a music collective that is as diverse in scope as it is in spectrum. Beautifully shot and contrasted by the locations within the video, those act as the visual accompaniment with the musical and lyrical changes within the song.

That feeling of the last second realization of the meaning of life and personal value of existence along with the unknown of what is next is presented as a soft musical soliloquy to what is, what was, what could have been, and what’s next. Transcendental within the soundscape with hints of clarity in the delivery, ‘Afterlife’ is a love letter to life and a warning to those of use who fail to appreciate it.

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Interview with Tish Ciravolo

What does the song and the video mean to you personally and what was the writing process like?

Afterlife is a song that means so much to me. In the lyrics that I wrote, I am sharing my near-death experience with everyone. I tried to capture the hesitancy, the unknowing, the confusions that happen when you realize that you are now dead and moving on. So many people I have met in my life have such doubts that this next doorway even exists. Most of them think that because they are not religious that their life will not end with a life review.

As I write this, I’m praying that this song will help spark a curiosity in them to explore what will happen to them when they die. In making the video, I was so blessed to have a team of creatives that took my own personal experience and put it on film. Trying to explain in broad strokes something that has never been seen before but exists and they not only captured these beautiful and surreal moments, but they made it so beautiful! So, if you haven’t believed in an afterlife before, my hope is that this song and video will give you a glimpse into what could and will happen.

And also help everyone realize that the only real emotion, while you are still alive, that matters, is love. Love. Love is all there is…..

Where do you see Beauty in Chaos going with the new album and album concept of using all female vocalists?

“Behind The Veil” really illustrates my husband’s self-less prowess as an artist that is not wrapped up in saving all the spotlight for himself. His willingness to give all talents an equal chance to shine with their own special talent and then raise the bar by having only female vocalists that are by no means in competition with each other, is virtually unheard of in this business. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Clip from ‘Unveiled’, the upcoming documentary about the ‘Behind the Veil’ album.
IMDb link HERE.

How do you feel that your music has changed, since you started your music career, both in style and personal tastes?

Everything grows and matures in artistic nature. Starting out in the ‘80s, I played bass with over 200 bands donning every female version of every type of music, except jazz 🙂 All female punk, all female hard rock, all female alternative… you name it. My creative process today is vastly different from when I was younger, except I always need a vibe, a space I can feel free in and support. My husband and I both understand the creative artistic nature and we have mutual respect for each other’s space and talent. Michael also brings out the best in me.

Sometimes being a business owner for a business that caters to music can burn me out as a musician. Do you ever feel like this being a business owner/musician? And how do you deal with it?

Listen, guitars are guitars and parts and bridges are guitars. If you are in this business, you understand the assignment. It’s not a widget 🙂 But what I do find frustrating is people that are in this business but never come from the artistic side of it. If you are running a guitar company and you don’t play guitar, what the heck are you doing? It’s not true to your nature, like being a vegan and working in a slaughterhouse – it makes no sense to me.

I can’t tell you how many males have tried to mansplain to me what a girl wants in a guitar. A girl! And that is why some of these companies I have dealt with for the last 20 years are not here anymore because they had some older guy trying to make decisions on girl guitars. Don’t forget, I stood in front of 600 male managers of a major music retailer and had to teach them how to deal with a girl in a music store. So burn out, on this scale, happens.

When you are blessed with a product that looks to change the music industry and did, you have a lot of copycats and haters. But that doesn’t bother me, as long as we are all trying to achieve the same directive… get more girls into music. And because I’m a girl and I’m in music, I create music that hopefully will inspire more girls to join the cause.

Interview with Michael Ciravolo

What did you mean by referring to “Afterlife” as the perfect ‘needle-drop’ track?

At the risk of showing my age, I look at all of BIC releases in the terms of vinyl. I love that era in music. I dwell over things, more than most could imagine… the cover art, the linear notes, and especially the song running order. I guess it’s this romantic notion that people will listen to the release from top to bottom. Basically, the way I listen with LPs. For me, picking the right opening track for BIC releases is extremely important. It needs to set the ‘mood’ for the entire piece of work.

Even before Tish added the vocals to the track, the music that Michael Rozon and I created just felt like what I wanted to hear to start ‘Behind The Veil’ off with… the first moments when the mythical needle drops on the wonderful 12 inch circular piece of vinyl.

As curator of BIC, I know you are oversee all things. What do was your role in. the ‘Afterlife’ video as you don’t appear in it?

As I always say, our videos are indeed the face of BIC, as we are (currently?) not a typical live band. I am adamant about making each video unique and as different as possible, especially from its predecessor. “Afterlife” lyrics are so personal to my wife, that I thought this would be the perfect video to NOT have a ‘band’ in it. She did such a beautiful job on the words and melody … that I thought this video deserved and needed a very cinematic video to bring her thoughts and really her story to life. We had worked with the GABB team on “Orion”, and I had got to see some of their other non-musical video creations, so I knew they would be perfect for this task.

I think part of being ‘curator’ is to know when to hand the keys over, and that is what I did with this video. It was really Tish discussing her lyrics and vision with them, and me watching it come to life. My role with this video was carrying some camera equipment up the hill in Topanga Canyon, where we got those epic outdoor visuals with Tish!

Ok, I know this is the typical final question … but what’s next for Beauty In Chaos?

Well, we have most pieces together for the behind-the-scenes ‘making of’ documentary, cleverly titled ‘Unveiled’! Each of these extremely talented ladies give some cool and open insight to their songs, as well as some thoughts from a few of the producers that added the amazing remixes.

I wish we could have included everyone, but it would have been a 4-day TV mini-series! I think this will be out by mid summer. We also are planning a video with Cinthya Hussey for Tim Palmer’s Edge Of Reality Mix of the gorgeous “Open Wound Heart”.

Whitney Tai, who is featured on “Orion” has helped create a very cool concept that I hope we can pull off, as Cinthya would be filming her scenes in Brazil. I really love this song, and I’m confident we can create something visually beautiful for this track. My BIC partner in sonic crime, Michael Rozon has been on tour playing pedal and lap steel guitar with Alice In Chain’s Jerry Cantrell. I was able to see a few shows on the tour and it was fantastic.

It’s really great to see Michael getting the recognition he completely deserves. With him on tour, I have been experimenting with some new toys, and writing some bits that I think will develop into some new BIC material. We do plan to get a few nights in our SAINTinLA Studio before he heads out for the month long European leg of the tour.

Not carved in stone, but I have been contemplating a sort of ‘anthology’ release. I have a cover photo and title in my head and have a list going with a few songs from our five releases that I hope give a nice overall taste of the first five years of BIC. Five years! It’s honestly crazy to think it has been 5 years already. I am so proud of what we have created… the music and the videos. Also, I am hoping we can end this 2018-2022 retrospect with a new song.

Finally, and unrelated to the video. I saw that the BIC Instagram recently got hacked. WTF?

Yeah, hopefully by the time this is out, Instagram or Meta or whatever its called will do the right thing and rectify this. At the beginning of 2022, I promised myself I would be less involved on all social media platforms, but it is a necessary evil as an Indie artist.

If the dishonest hacker-fucks that did this, spent their time doing something good or kind as opposed to this deceitful crap, our world might just be less of a shit-show. I do apologize to our followers for any spam they have might have been inundated with. BIC is NOT trying to sell you bitcoin. If we did, we would call it BIC COIN! Seriously, I hope everyone understands, and if they chose to unfollow while this was going on, that they do refollow if/when this is returned to us.

Personally, I secretly wish that Elon Musk would buy Facebook/Instagram and hit the big red DELETE button on all social media. I think the world would be better for it.