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Lithuanian art-rock band blank dives deep into identity development topics with their second album “Identity Fair”.

Vilnius-based art-rock quintet blank presents their second album “Identity Fair”. Due to the pandemic and changes in the band’s line up it took one and a half years to produce the album. Nevertheless, blank is back in the Lithuanian alternative music scene and is hoping that the new album will be discovered by listeners from abroad as well.

The name “Identity Fair” suggests a topic about one’s search for their identity. As oppose to the term “vanity fair” which reflects the dark and empty side of human nature, “Identity Fair” raises questions about individual maturity, search of one’s own path and other psychological development topics: what does it mean to be a Lithuanian? What does it mean to be a member of a religious society, cultural minority, grey mass or even a cult? Why do people identify themselves as being “against” and not “for” something? The aim of this album is to point out these labels and reveal an individual’s desperate need to fit in within a certain social group.

blank was formed in 2017 and have been creating music and performing ever since. In the fall of 2019 the band released their debut album “Black Medicine” which caught the attention of fans and critics in Lithuania. The second album “Identity Fair” is the continuation of the philosophy of the first album, however changes in some creative means are noticeable. In terms of music production, while making “Identity Fair” the band experimented with sounds a lot more than before, introduced the traditional Lithuanian sounds and drew inspiration from middleeastern music.

Released on 7 December 2021, “Identity Fair” made some waves in the local Lithuanian music scene and its cover art, created by the key player of the band, graphic artist Dainora Vingytė, claimed the prize for the best album cover of 2021.

Vingytė is also the creator of all band’s visuals. The artist says that the name of the album was the guide to all the ideas for her art: “The disfigured young person on the album cover is searching for him-or-herself, making mistakes, feeling dual, unable to figure out who he or she wants to become.”

SOURCE: Official Bio