Stella Wembley has dropped her new single titled ‘Images of Death’ as well as the remix.

Sonically explosive from the start with an electro-orchestral weighted beat accompanying the pristine and clear vocals, the original never lets up, even when it’s in ‘chill-mode’. Whether you want to call this a steady climb or a slow burn, ‘Images of Death’ conjures the dystopian reality of the way things are by sounding as the way things should be.

The remix gives a more beat and rhythm reality of the sustenance of the original while adding a guttural interpretation with a darker tone and a feed-backed guitar for added measure. One could say this is on the verge of being a different song while others may say it’s a reinterpretation. What I say is that these are aural bookends of a musical mind in motion.

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About Stella Wembley

A Graduate from Conservatorio di Musica “San Pietro a Majella” di Napoli, Stella Wembley is the new rising star of the UK Dark Synth/Gothic Scene. An accomplished music producer, video director, composer, lyricist, multifaceted musician and truly exceptional vocalist Stella captivates with her own particular take on the genre.

Alluringly she leads the listener into a haunted realm where, with powerful and evocative deep lyrics, she lays bare her soul in a psycho-drama of tragedy and melancholic sensuality. She sings powerfully, yet with a hint of vulnerability, like a beautiful damned siren calling us to join her in her dark universe.

Stella Wembley is a visionary artist who seems to defy description.