Luna Sopor is an all original high energy rock band from the San Francisco Bay Area, which began as the brainchild of Jeff Janow and Troy Szabo while working together in 2008. Jeff and Troy wanted to create a Rock Band that played driving original music, and also allowed them to combine different playing styles which are derivative of their past and modern influences. Shortly thereafter Marie Szabo joined Luna Sopor as the Band’s Drummer, and Jeff, Troy, and Marie started writing songs and rehearsing together.

The music continues to develop going forward with the addition of vocalist, Jayne D., who is a San Francisco Native and model. Erin brings a drive, attitude, and presence to the vocals that will elevate the delivery of Luna Sopor to a new level.

Luna Sopor expertly combines the aesthetics of punk, indie and folk into a mesmeric whole that manages to sound both vintage and incredibly fresh all at the same time. Started by bassist Troy Szabo, guitar player Jeff Janow, and drummer Marie Szabo in 2008, the original sound of Luna Sopor was forged right from the start, characterized by driving guitars and backed by a frenzied yet accessible rhythm section. The Bay Area-based four piece band released its eponymously titled debut album in 2011, which was recorded at the famous Golden Gate Studio in San Francisco, and the album has received a good amount of radio airplay and critical acclaim.

Luna Sopor is currently working on a second studio album release, which is entitled “Cobalt”, and the anticipated release date is November 15th of 2013. Luna Sopor’s sound is perpetually evolving, and many of the recent augmentations were actually driven by the comments, requests, and interactions with Luna Sopor’s fans at live shows and on Luna Sopor’s social networks. The most recent and notable enhancement, is that Luna Sopor was joined by Jayne D. on vocals, whom brings a heavy, rock present, and emotionally charged performance to Luna Sopor’s vocal structure and chorus harmonies.

Luna Sopor is a band that knows exactly what honest, rock music should be all about: feeling good. Luna Sopor’s message is pretty simple, but it’s one heard all too infrequently these days. It is that making and listening to music should be fun and reflect the joyous things in life.