Skymeechi A. Clark is a highly trained school bus driver by day, which in itself is a peaceful assurance to the parents of the children who entrust him to get the little ones off to school, and back home, safely. But by night he becomes MC Siah, the Chicago born Writer, Rapper, Performer Extraordinaire.

“Anyone who knows me, knows I am the biggest fan of music itself, as a whole. I like all genres, artists, and musicians. Kendrick Lamar who has ‘off the charts’ delivery and intense verbal aggression makes me always want to write new material, I can’t really say that about many other new-comers, of today. I have mad respect for him. Though my personal dream rap duel/duet would have to include the late and great ‪2Pac, a kind of project like that could only happen by a miracle. From where I stand though, give me T.I., LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane Nas, Eminem, or Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, any day. They are the top Legendary Artists who I will always look up to, with mad love, truest admiration, and respect. A collaboration is never too much to hope for especially considering that I would hop a flight to anywhere, literally tomorrow morning, to meet them should I even hear talk of any them yet wanting to work with me. Never will I shy away from working with the greats, they are indeed ‘great’ for a reason.”

” I have had my share of musical collaborations with some of the very best up and coming artists of my time; singers Timothy Benson and his brother Matt B., singer J-Rome, rappers Young Veteran aka Young Vet, Rayilla, Seven Letters, and so on. I know we will be working together again, very soon.”

“The bottom line is this: I’m always very serious about my music – I mean, you do have those times when there is a fun vibe in the studio, but more often than not, it’s really serious work. I put 110% of myself in every single song that I write. Before I hit the studio, I can guarantee you that I have revised, rewritten, and gone over my song more than a just few times, ‘Ya-dig? As a recent case in point, I have had the extreme pleasure of working with an organization by the name of ‘The Happiness Club’, known around here simplly as T.H.C. I helped by teaching the values of good stage presence, proper mic etiquette, and efficient studio/time performance. I also wrote and donated a song entitled “World On My Shoulder” which debuted at the annual Taste of Chicago held in Millennium Park – and is played every summer. I was (and am) deeply honored by that”.

“I actually got paid by an organization called ‘Song Writing and Producing’ which is affiliated with the After School Matters youth program. At the time I couldn’t believe I was paid to write, rap, and sing which was and is my passion and my life. I co-wrote two songs, one of which became the programs’ break-out’ song entitled “Street Life” [off of the album Concrete Voice] with Timothy Benson, J-Rome, Eric Walker and the 2004/2005 Chicago Idol Justin Butler.”

Can you tell us what is the secret to the unique sound you create, the message you convey, and that special feeling behind your music? Many feel that it’s beyond just truth, but that it’s almost necessary truth. You really do know how to capture your listers attention in your writing… How do you do it?

“The truest secret I know is letting the music guide your words, and let the words connect the message (that you want to convey) to your listeners. It is 100% necessary to be true to yourself, and to what you do, without caring as to what the current ‘trends’ are. You must be able to both blend in, but still stand out, while never forgetting who you are and what the purpose of the song really is. Whether you are a singer or rapper/lyricist you must stay true to you, and dust them haters off. If we were all meant to sound alike then there would not be any difference in Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, etc”.

What is unique about MC Siah is not only his seemingly endless and somewhat effortless talent as a musician, songwriter, and performer, but his humble and kind manner when speaking. He feels he owes his hometown of SouthSide Chicago, the warmest embrace, for that is where he learned the rules and lessons for the truthful quest for ultimate success.

“I owe so much of my self and my life to my city, it will always be home to me. Chicago provided with the ‘know-how’ to be a survivor in music, and much in life. I learned how to be an individual and not just one in the crowd, to not ever be afraid of anyone, or anything. I was confidently able to grace the performance stages of the Arie Crown Theatre, The Chicago Theatre, the famous DuSuable Museum, and many other prominent landmark locations, thanks to my can-do Chicagoan attitude.”

“I’m putting the finishing touches on a special first project right now as we speak – a project that stands to make a defilingly huge impact on my career. This project is called ‘Not Another ChiRaqi’ – this is my very first official Mixtape release – I have been featured on the Young Money UnSigned Hype Mixtape Vol. 2 and the Coast to Coast Mixtape. I also have a single called “ Bad (And She Know It)” in rotation on the Gud Tymes Show , you can cop it on, iTunes, or via my reverbnation page. I’m working alot, so you can expect this to be a first of many more to come. I am always writing and composing, even when It seem like I’m just sitting there doing nothing, my mind is always working, always working on another musical hit.”