I have the pleasure of introducing you to another couple of artists that you will be able to see playing live at Liverpool’s 2ube Xtra Festival. Eight days of live music streamed to wherever you are in the world from Paul McCartney’s Performing Arts School.

2ube Xtra is Liverpool’s first and only live streamed music show and starts on April 15th 2015, featuring some of the most exciting emerging artists on the UK’s music scene.

Emilio Pinchi brings his unique brand of folk punk whilst Deliah perform beautifully polished modern jazz ballads, both artists illustrating the diversity of acts performing this year.


Emilio Pinchi
Song: Trying Man
16 March 2015
‘A kind of charming sadness’
Yeah Buddy, Liverpool

Influenced by the likes of Elliott Smith and The Antlers, Liverpool based Emilio Pinchi carves his own perspective on folk-punk, offering a stark, honest outlook on everyday life.

Having racked up performances around the Midlands and North West, Emilio’s music has been aired on BBC Introducing and other independent stations, and he has recently performed live sessions for both BBC Merseyside and BBC stoke.

Staying true to his roots, 2014 saw Emilio release Trying Man, a track he produced in his kitchen after shunning established studios for a DIY approach. The lo-fi record has since grabbed the attention of the Liverpool music scene, and has garnered positive opinion from Bido Lito, amongst other blogs and reviewers.

The latter half of the year has seen Emilio quietly cause further excitement, playing a plethora of unique shows which have included a support slot with Nell Bryden at The Arts Club, an appearance on Bay TV Liverpool’s televised launch show, and even a live performance on a moving train.

Emilio will spend the first half of 2015 working on a compelling new project, which will involve the recording and release of new material in a truly singular fashion.

‘Emilio Pinchi shows the depth of solo-performing talent we have in this city, possessing some fine tunes’
Bido Lito!

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Song: Any Last Words
16 March 2015

Deliah was born after Michelle and Alex first met at their auditions for the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts.

Taking influence from contrasting artists such Amy Winehouse and Kendrick Lamar, the duo have a self confessed eclectic taste in music. This, paired with their organic and collaborative writing style, are the ingredients for their unique sound, which Michelle describes as ‘Both of our personalities personified’. The combination of Michelle’s soulful voice and Alex’s intricate guitar playing, bring a certain class and retro vibe to an undeniable contemporary groove.

Since their creation in 2013, the band has played countless shows, becoming regulars at local events as well as appearing at Fiesta Bombarda and Liverpool International Music Festival. More recently, they have travelled further afield to perform in venues up and down the country, recently supporting Anthony David at London’s Jazz Cafe and appearing on numerous radio stations including the BBC.

“Sophisticated, jazzy and smooth. The vocals are feisty but not too overpowering.”
Sphere Music

“It’s effortlessly cool, and has a kind of seductive sophistication about it…it’s a track you would be crazy to miss.”
Fresh Beats

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[table caption=”Show Dates” width=”681″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
20/03,Camp & Furnace (Neighborhood BBQ),Liverpool
28/03,Threshold Festival,Liverpool
16/04,The Paul McCartney Auditorium,Liverpool
22/04,Hoxton Under Belly (Indigo Sessions),London
28/07,The Kazimier,Liverpool
29/08,Watchet Festival Main Stage,Somerset