Some of you may or may not be aware of this but Jammer Direct (which owns Jammerzine) had it’s humble beginnings in Fort Wayne, Indiana. We’ve had our ups and downs since the early days but it is a privilege and an honor to be nominated by the readers of Fort Wayne not once but nineteen times!

Says Sean Crossey, who was nominated under Blue Soap Music for best Local Newspaper Columnist

“We’re over the moon that the Blue Soap Box has been nominated for such a great award and couldn’t be happier to be partnered with Jammerzine, JammerStream, and Jammer Direct! They really do have their fingers on the pulse of all things independent and upcoming. An outstanding site, station and always professional.”

As you may know (as reading this might prove), Jammer Direct and all of it’s subsidiaries prime mission and focus is to give a global stage to independent artists around the world and to do it in a grass roots fashion. Says Jammer Direct creator Ryan Martin:

“I feel that this is proof positive that there are much more important things than money or profit. Money and profit are dependent on creativity and, while creativity is something most of us are born with,  it is something that must be nurtured for the betterment of humanity and not the bottom dollar. That’s why it’s at the bottom. Creativity and sincerity are what people vote for.  Thank you.”

So it is with great pride that we give you our nineteen nominations picked by the creative people of Fort Wayne, Indiana. Greatfully and humbly accepted. Thank you!

Best Website:

Best Radio Station:


Best Radio Personality:

Best Newspaper:


Best Columnist:

Again thank you to everyone who is reading this and supports what we are doing which is making it easier for indie and unsigned acts to get noticed around the world which I think we are doing.

And please go here and vote! DEADLINE IS JULY 30!

About Fort Wayne, IN:
Fort Wayne is a city in the U.S. state of Indiana and the seat of Allen County. Located in northeastern Indiana, the city is 18 miles (29 km) west of the Ohio border and 50 miles (80 km) south of the Michigan border. With an estimated population of 258,522 in 2014, Fort Wayne is the 77th most populous city in the United States and the second largest in Indiana. It is the principal city of the Fort Wayne metropolitan area, consisting of Allen, Wells, and Whitley counties, a combined population of 419,453 as of 2011. In addition to the three core counties, the combined statistical area (CSA) includes Adams, DeKalb, Huntington, Noble, and Steuben counties, with an estimated population of 615,077.