Sharon “Spoken Word” Lawrence is a poet, human rights activist, writer, actress, performer and promoter. Through her performances, she’s had a powerful impact on the hearts and souls of her fans, and is often remembered by the uplifting powerful and positive messages she produces through her work. Spoken Word is an artist first whose main goal is to encourage those who need to be encouraged and shed light on those who walk in the dark.

“I’m not just an entertainer. I am a performer and I like to think, read books, learn, tell stories, and encourage others. I am a poet and an emcee. I will never doubt who I am for the love that I have for myself and hope that others in this world feel as blessed as I! If I could sing, I would probably sing every sentence. Lol Instead God gave me the gift to speak loud enough for people to really hear me. I am absolutely grateful for that!

Sharon “Spoken Word” Lawrence was born in small town Suffolk, VA where she grew up in a low income neighborhood during the time drugs flooded poorer black communities throughout the nation. A recession was a normal thing for her household where she was the middle child of four in a single parent home. In the midst of it all, she developed a gift that would change her life forever. She learned how to rap. By the time she was 12, she was performing in local schools. One of the highlights of her life was performing an educational rap over the loud speaker for her peers. Her first poem was published at the age of 13, and placed on the back of the schools programs for her eighth grade graduation. Literally, it was her passion that gave her inspiration to do positive things through the arts.

In May 2009 she released her first album, “Hip Hop Will Never Die”. The album gained international attention and placed in online stores all over the world. She released her second studio album, “After the Pain” on July 24, 2010. In May of 2014, she published her first book entitled, “Spoken Word for the Soul from the Soul” (A Life Changing Poetry Collection). Now becoming a household name, she has released three new pieces that was published by MTV early in 2014, and released by Spinnup (A company developed by Universal Music Group in Sweden) on July 21, 2014 that will appear on her next album which is due to be released later on this year.

“One of my main goals as an artist is to heal the wounded heart through my work. I feel as if I have been called by God to do exactly what it is that I am doing today. When you look at the world, there are all types of inflictions that tend to eat away at the human heart. Who am I if I cannot be a healer in that? I am a warrior princess in the aspect that my gift is often used to speak for the voiceless. God is with me everywhere I go”.