Toronto’s Industrial Rock band 22HERTZ was created by Ralf Muller out of the ashes of his former heavy metal band ‘Point Blank’. Ralf handles vocals, song writing, and production duties, he’s also a multi-instrumentalist. Their live line up is rounded of by some of Toronto’s best session players.

When Point Blank disbanded, Ralf went on to a lucrative and successful career in online marketing. It was after attending his first NIN show in 2009 that Ralf’s musical passion was once again awakened and the desire to create music that captured the intensity of NIN’s live performances overwhelmed him. Ralf taught himself how to record, mix and built his home studio. He decided to begin work on what will become the 10 tracks off 22HERTZ’s first full length album. He wrote, recorded and mixed all the tracks; the album has been released summer of 2013 to launch the band onto the Canadian Rock scene.

Even though, the sound of the project may not be painted in the typical sound palette, 22HERTZ incorporates pop elements and hooks into their music; this produces an accessible original approach that blends an abrasive underground sound that remains accessible to a wide mainstream audience. Ralf put his online marketing expertise to work by actively developing these platforms, engaging new fans and making a 5 song EP ‘Is this Real’ available for free. Judging by their growing fan base online (over 260 000!), it seems that their sound is hitting a nerve with music lovers. They are influenced by bands such as Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Steve Vai and Nine Inch Nails.

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