In 1989, a band emerged out of the South Bronx bringing a new sound that combined elements of Rock, Funk, Jazz, Soul, Reggae, and Rap. This sonic gumbo would be described by Jimi Hazel as “Heavy Metal Soul” or “HMS” for short and it would become the foundation many a band would attempt to stand upon and imitate, but they couldn’t duplicate the magic of what the Spyz did naturally!

In the midst of creating music that was true to themselves, 24-7 Spyz also helped to shatter the stereotypes and dispel the myth that “Black Bands Don’t Rock” by releasing eight groundbreaking discs : “Harder Than You” (1989), “Gumbo Millennium” (1990), “This is 24-7 SPYZ!!!!” (1991), “Strength In Numbers” (1992), “Temporarily Disconnected” (1994), “6” (1995-European Release /”Heavy Metal Soul By The Pound” (1996-U.S. Release), “Can You Hear The Sound?” (2006) and “Face The Day” (2006).

SOURCE: Official Bio