Combine 60’s psychedelic music, alternative grunge, witchy folk, sultry vocals and see A.N.J.A.’s world come to life before your inner eyes!

Charismatic Belfast based singer/songwriter A.N.J.A. lets the listener escape into mythical worlds that seem older than time itself – and yet, her chants are modern and original in their own way.

The sometimes mysterious and cool, sometimes witchy themes of some of her songs are not just haunting and pictorial but also a more relevant than ever allegory for the female empowerment of the new decade.

World music band Goat, White Hills, Nirvana and folk artists like Vashti Bunyan, Iron & Wine and Alela Diane are A.N.J.A.’s influences. She also draws inspiration from indie and alternative rock, rockabilly and 60s psychedelic music which can be seen from far away by the shine of her cherry red Epiphone casino guitar that enchants the listener with its John Lennon-esque retro charm and warm jazzy sound.

A.N.J.A. is originally from Germany and moved to the UK in 2017. Starting out as a busker in the streets of Belfast in 2018, she has already come a
long way.

Since her first ever song release “Black River Falls” last autumn, A.N.J.A. has played several live gigs on renowned stages of Northern Ireland’s capital already.

One of these shows was for the monthly GIFTED show last December in The Belfast Empire.

A.N.J.A. made her TV debut on NVTV in the same month and got her first radio spin of her release “Black River Falls” on local sender Blast106 at the beginning of this year.

She received plenty of positive feedback and another radio spin on Blast 106 for her second single “Deadly Fallen For You (And the Devil Knows) which she released in April of 2020.

Recording and producing her songs herself, A.N.J.A. recorded her third single “Men Will Die Tonight” during the Covid-19 lockdown. It debuted on Blast106 in June 2020, gained airplay on rte2FM’s show “The Alternative” and was added to several playlists including “You Haven’t Heard This Music”‘s podcast.

The song is also part of her debut EP ‘Digital Love Spells’ which she released in August of the same year and which gained excellent reviews from Chordblossom, Schwäbische Newspaper and Bayview Sounds music blog.

SOURCE: Official Bio