1. Dawn Aition 2:23

Aition is a pseudonyme of producer and composer Lasse Lindgren based in Helsinki, Finland. He has been touring since 2003 with Finnish post-jazz group Oddarrang all around Europe. Aition originates from the idea of collaborating with Aino Peltomaa (vocals, medieval harp), who is a performer of medieval and renaissance music (Ensemble Gamut, Harmony of the Spheres, Ka:mos). Aition´s first album release, Pathways for Night-Walkers, was released in 2020.

Aition´s second release, APOPHTHEGMATA I Bessarion EP, came out on 9th of October 2021, celebrating the legacy of Abba Bessarion, an ascetic who was living somewhere in the outskirts of the Egyptian desert in the manner of wild animals, homeless without possessions, in open air, being scorched by the desert sun. Anna-Maaria Oramo joins here with vocals and clavicimbalum, a precursor of the harpsichord. The music of Bessarion EP, written by Lasse Lindgren, consists of eight meditative miniature pieces with influences from ambient, early music and folk.

Aition creates music in the spirit of neoclassicism, getting its inspiration from the traditions and themes of ancient art and philosophy, and giving it a modern treatment. In Aition´s music, the world of antiquity, instruments of early music and modern music technology are brought together in a unique way, creating musical portals to various historical eras. Aition opens pathways to a dimension far back in ancient times, taking the listener though the ages of history.

SOURCE: Official Bio