In 2012, solo artist Aja Malone dropped her debut smash single “Coming For You.” The up & coming female lyricist & songwriter took the in- dustry  by storm with her charismatic wordplay and fierce delivery. In 2013, Aja teamed up with up & coming  artist 4SHO with another smash single “Rock It Out.” Both singles “Coming For You,” & “Rock It Out” have caught the attention of music lovers & radio stations World Wide. Both singles have been released on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, & showcased on various website,  blogs, & music segments.

In Fall of 2014, Aja Malone will be releasing her debut EP album entitled “I Live For This…” Her  first single released off the critically acclaimed EP is “1st Draft Pick” This single sets the  tone for perseverance & is slated to be an anthem for many in various arenas such as sports &  fitness & motivational sectors.

Champiions aren’’t develloped overniight. It takes lots of passion, practice, patience,  persistence, confidence, leadership, inspiration, motivation, dedication, education, integrity,  teamwork, & studying. “1st Draft Pick” will take you on a jour- ney of working hard & playing hard  while still achieving your aspirations & dreams. The goal is to have fun doing what you love with a  champion- ship heart and state of mind. A leader builds & grows with you coaching on goodwill,  enthusiasms, & develops winning professionals & teams. In thinking of the blood, sweat, & tears duriing  your jjourney one may say “iif you belliieve you can achieve, if you believe then you suc-  ceed”…..1st Draft Pick…let’s win the championship.