Gloomy psychedelia with a cold dash of punk, straight out of the heart of Manchester. Alex transforms his worries and anguishes into music, with the aid of his sinister entourage – The Sceptical. The band draws influences from bands spanning over the last 50 years; such as Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, Radiohead and Arctic Monkeys.

About “Itch’

‘Until his retirement, my grandad spent most of his life working in the coal mines that surrounded Doncaster, in a time that required a stiff upper lip and a willingness not to complain, but to simply get on with it. This is, of course, all changing for the better. However, this song explores my inability to cope with my own reality, whilst I simultaneously scratch my head and try to figure out how on earth my grandad coped with a much more demanding life but never stopped to complain.’

‘Oh, why so serious? I think I’m going to need a hero grandad. See pop cultures got me thinking it’s my God-given right to be saved but maybe it’s not and maybe it never was.’

SOURCE: Official Bio