1. I Remember Alex Spinney 3:26

Unconventionally, Alex pairs this sadness with an increasing sense of musical joy. Therefore, the song starts off as a piano ballad, and then gradually grows, finally morphing into a celebratory, gospel-like anthem. Ultimately, the ending is optimistic, perhaps hopeful for a reunion, or simply accepting the reality, and celebrating the relationship for what it was.

This journey really allows Alex to wrap his honeyed vocals around the song, as he takes us from a delicate opening and intricate BV’s to powerful choruses and soaring ad libs. Similarly central is the piano’s lilting accompaniment, further establishing Alex’s sound as an artist.

‘I Remember’ was recorded at Iguana Studios in Brixton (London) over the summer. Alex is working with producer Adam Connor, and is currently recording 3 other tracks with Adam as part of his debut EP, which will be released over the next few months.

Alex Spinney is a British singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from South London. After begging his parents to let him learn piano at 4 years old, he quickly developed a love of making music. Growing up, Alex experimented with a wide range of different genres, but whichever direction he took, he always gravitated back to the world of contemporary pop music.

Alex brands his music as ‘piano-based pop’, and likes to infuse his style of pop with splashes of different musical worlds, including folk, classical, soul and blues. He writes music that allows him to wrap his distinctively honeyed vocals around emotive melodies and classic pop choruses, all whilst looking at life’s events from his own, unique perspective.

After years of musical soul-searching, Alex has now honed in on his individual sound and style. He’s been working on his debut EP for the past two years, and has been lucky enough to record with the team at Iguana Records in Brixton, London.

SOURCE: Official Bio