Have aliens abducted Stan Rose’s guitar, or is his guitar the abductor? Rose isn’t sure, although the strangeness of his musical tastes suggests the former. The only thing certain, as verified by Google, is that there is only one Alien Guitar Abduction!

Rose’s main instrument is guitar, which he obsessed with while growing up on Long Island in the 1980’s. His original plan was to be the world’s fastest guitar god, so he took lessons from Dream Theatre’s John Pettrucci, prior to Petrucci’s rise to legendary status. But then he also immersed himself in everything guitar music was at the time, by taking master classes with fingerstyle legend Martin Simpson and blues artist Robben Ford, and taking classical guitar lessons while in college. This obsession with guitar music led to a greater appreciation of all genres and type of music. It led to Rose’s basic musical philosophy–that there are not ‘good’ or ‘bad’ styles of music–just good and not-so-good music. And so, Alien Guitar Abduction is a rejection of the industry demand that musical style must be pigeon-holed into one or more pre-existing styles or genres.

Once he discovered electronic music, Rose began composing using synthesizers controlled by electric guitar. Electronic compositions were first composed on guitar and then arranged on the computer. This is the basic musical vision of Alien Guitar Abduction–a synthesis of roots music with the current technology of music production. His latest release, “Dead Light” is the byproduct of this vision; an eclectic mix of psychedelic guitar rock and synth-pop. Dead Light also reflects Rose’s idea that images go hand-in-hand with music; every song on the album is also a self-produced music video. The visual message is an equal partner to the audio. The images are meant to pull the listener into one unified mind-altering experience. As a music reviewer from “Yeah we know it sucks” put it: “Alien Guitar Abduction will even abduct the minds of the most conservative musical cynic…”

SOURCE: Official Bio