92753-silence_of_the_TruthRick Couture, Seven time award winning song writer of 30 years is the backbone of Amen Alibi playing acoustic guitar, drums, keys, backup vocals and harmonies, recording on indie label Ravaka Records.

Rick, along with a vast array of talented musicians, have brought his musical compositions and ideas to audible life.

Amen Alibi’s live setting consist of Rick, Johnny Sousa (recording partner and harp player for the band) and six Berklee College of Music musicians, who’s resume’ includes a Jefferson Starship tour.

Amen Alibi released their debut album “Leap of Faith” July 4, 2013 receiving a song writing award for the “I’m Dying” track, and their second album, “Addicted” on March 29, 2014, and has alredy received four songwrtiting awards. “Break Down And Cry”, “Go Some More” and “Blame It On The Moon” all made it to the top 30 on theDigital Radio Tracker rock charts.

SOURCE: Official Bio