Arcana is an American Rock power trio from Los Angeles, California who believes in the authenticity of passionate music coming directly from the heart. This band of brothers consists of singer, songwriter, and guitarist, Spencer Marcu, with his all-powerful, resonating voice and a clear vision of the importance of sincere songwriting. Bassist, Aroyn Davis, who shatters stagnant barriers between audience and performers with his unique talent, contagious presence, and boundless energy. And finally, drummer Alejandro Mercado, and his hard-hitting hand that is the perfect fit for creating the heartbeat of Arcana.

Featured on Arcana’s upcoming debut album is legendary drummer Kenny Aronoff as well as contributions from Joe Barressi, Jeff Sheehan, and a shout out from Butch Vig that “the tracks are rockin’”. Catch their debut album this year.

SOURCE: Official Bio