After a good beginning of 2013 and the publication of the second official videoclip from Tales from the Heart, “Dancing with Ghosts”, the band keeps on organizing live gigs, tours and starts working on the third album.

In July 2013 the recordings of the new album start. This third album “RECOVER” is a real shift in the band’s style: the get more and more towards an energetic and lively rock, where the melancholic Keys of the previous albums make room for the guitars.

“Recover” release on 17th December 2013 for “Klasse1 Edizioni” happens immediately to be a huge step for the Italian band: a European tour is going to be organized, and the band can’t wait to be on the road to play again, while the brand new video of “Night of illusions” gets published and the ideas for the fourth album start to sound clear.

So be ready: because Armonight and their Music will surely never, ever stop!