Ashland Station
Ashland Station

With the release of the Black Orange EP, Sean Smith and Ashland Station breath new life into a classic alternative genre by utilizing digital and natural instruments together, and creating a catchiness with guitar hooks, layered melodies, and addictive choruses.

The first single “Want It Bad” brings a mix of the darker side of grunge, with the high energy side indie rock. As the song goes on, it builds musically and emotionally. The song becomes progressive without losing touch with its alternative rock roots.

“‘Want it Bad’ has to do with desire and regret. How we can want things more once we can’t have them, and how this can drive an unhealthy desire. And how changing our mind about what we want doesn’t necessarily resolve that desire, because our chance may have come and gone.” says the songwriter of the single.

Although the Black Orange EP, runs its course through different forms of indie rock, the darker digital alternative esthetic of the EP remains strong through out.

“Ashland Station has always been dark and somewhat raw, and ‘Want it Bad’ continues that tradition. ‘Want It Bad’ is kind of the chill-out song of the EP., and it’s also the only straight forward guitar rock song, without any electronic elements on the album. I write a lot on the acoustic guitar, and sometimes the songs decide for themselves how they want to sound. If you listen to the diversity of the EP, you can see how the band’s sound seems to be in transition, but perhaps hasn’t decided on a destination yet. Some would call it inconsistency, but I think there is a thread there that ties these songs together.” explains Sean.

Any fans of music like Tool, Massive Attack, God lives Under Water, Alice In Chains, Sneaker Pimps, or Nirvana should give Ashland Station a good hard listen.