1. Unbroken Aura Davis 3:01

Aura Davis is an up-and-coming artist hailing from Switzerland. Davis has had an interest in music and arts from a very young age, with experience in casting auditions and live shows. She wrote poems and novels already at the age of 9. Around the age of 13, she found herself on a rollercoaster of feelings, such as being bullied and being confronted with family issues, which lead her to put down art and music. Soon finding back to it, to deal with the struggles of finding her own way at the age of 15.

Aura is a big fan of the Nashville scene. When asked about her songwriting process, she explains: “like a lot of other songwriters I usually sit with my guitar, pen, and paper. It could start from anything, like a melody that is stuck in my head that day or even a few words or a phrase that I have heard or said to someone. …and then I come up with whatever the moment throws at me.”

Her first two singles ‘Secrets’ and ‘Keep Running’, both released in 2020, were door openers in many ways. “It was me, trying to find my sound I guess,” she says, “I have been trying to sound like my idols for quite a long time, instead of focusing on my own strengths and magic moments. I worked hard on that in the past months.” The result of that mental change is a song called “Die Alone”.

There’s no doubt Aura is back. She’s darker, stronger, more honest and a lot more herself than ever before. And there’s a lot more to tell in 2021.

SOURCE: Official Bio