Austin Kolbe - Lips
Austin Kolbe – Lips

Austin Kolbe is a 19 year old self taught singer/songwriter and musician. He knew from a very young age that writing and performing music was what he wanted to do. Although trumpet and trombone were the first instruments he learned, he has since taught himself to play and chart guitar, bass, drums and piano, as well.

His musical influences are wide-ranging, but when asked to name the musician most influential, he immediately singles out Prince. “ I not only admire him musically, but it’s also the fact that he’s a well respected musician. Listening to his music and interviews really made me want to become the best I can possibly be as a TRUE musician.” Austin’s music always comes from a place of truth. A rocky upbringing, which at one point caused him to run away from home, play music on the street for money and live in hostels while figuring out how to survive, formed his viewpoint on the world.

These experiences made him very independent, ultimately, rising above the chaos and graduating from music school. He writes about his truth in a captivating and emotional way and his growing fan base loves the honesty. “No matter what, everything I write comes from my experiences. There isn’t one song I’ve written that isn’t true,” he states emphatically. For his first single for London Tone’s 52×52 launch campaign, he chose a song called Lips. “Writing Lips was like a long affair, “ he remembers. “ It went through various musical changes for 3-4 years, while the provocative lyrics always stayed the same. When I finally got to record it with live musicians, it was like having the best sex of my life.”

Austin loved working with producer/engineer, Eric Lilavois, calling it “indescribable, ”adding, “he really understands me and made the experience so easy and so much fun.” With the release of his single, Lips and a full album project in the works, he plans to tour everywhere with his band of close friends, build his fan base globally and continue to touch people with his music. It’s kind of what all new artists want to do, but Austin Kolbe has the vision and drive to make it happen.

Lips Credits:
Song Written by Austin Kolbe
Produced, Engineered and Mixed by Eric Lilavois
Assistant Engineer: Andrew Nassih
Additional Engineering: Erik Kapernick
Vocals/Guitar: Austin Kolbe
Bass- Alistair Lasken
Drums- Drew Bock
Guitar- Vitor Melo