Azwel is a project that involves songwriter Jason Perrillo. For the past 10 years, he has been recording and producing his own independently released albums in his home studio in New York. He describes the music as interesting melodic, catchy pop with songs that are influenced by various styles of music. The sound is often compared to 70’s-90s brit pop/rock artists. Known for being an extremely prolific and busy writer, Jason releases at least one album per year and sometimes more.

Azwel completed a debut album in 2003. The sound was initially more electronic but over the years, has incorporated more acoustic instruments into the mix. Azwel’s music is always filled with interesting chord progressions, catchy melodies and vocal harmonies. The arrangements vary from song to song with electric/acoustic guitars to various keyboards and strings. Most of the albums are available to download for free on the official website with the choice of optonal donations depending on how much the listener enjoys the album. Over the years, Jason has also collaborated with many other online artists and has a project in the works with Argentinian pop artist, Julian Murias.

Throughout the years Azwel’s songs have been reviewed online and have gotten very positive feedback on various blogs, radio stations(Gashouse Radio in Philly-see the ‘press’ section) , Garageband.com, Redfizz.com, The SixtyOne, Independant Artist Company and the albums have received some very positive reviews from major publications such as the New York Newsday. Azwel’s songs have also been featured in Hollywood major motion pictures(Let The Game Begin), soundtracks, and compilations put together by several international independent labels.

In 2009, an Anthology was released containing 20 free downloadable songs, available on the official website along with all of the previous albums. Azwel has currently finished an 15th album entitled, “From Now On” which expands the sound even further.