89496-The_Boys_pre_gigWith the release of their EP, The Hill, Band Of Heads brings a classic rock aesthetic to an indie rock era. The band crosses genres with ease and create a sound that genuinely feels from another time all together.

The first single “The Hill” is a strong and fun classic rock song true to its roots in Rock n” Roll spirit.

“The lyrics of the song were written in a hungover daze…the “hill” in the lyrics is a metaphor for shaking off the ‘night-before’ and moving on with your day/life.” explain the songwriters about their new single.

Although the single speaks volumes for the EP itself, to get a full understanding of Band Of Heads, it must be heard in full. The Hill EP is laced with high energy rock, melodic and catchy guitar hooks, and inventive and raw form of songwriting.

“The EP is built with solid riffs, a driving rhythm, skilled but loose guitar playing, the interplay of each members playing with one another.”-Ali (lead vocals and guitar)

Formed in early 2014 by Ali Awan and Dan Polacheck, old band mates who started off in a punk band called Ballistik. Later Dan met Andrew Manuele and John Wesely Heywood. Band Of Heads was essentially formed by happenstance.

Band Of Heads has a constantly evolving sound and this 3 song EP is just a taste of what hey have to offer in the long run and what is to come. The band is planning an east coast tour for this fall/winter along with local Tri-State gigs. They are also working on a full length album to be released digitally and on vinyl.

The Hills EP is available for download on several digital outlets and is currently being shopped for film & TV placement.

SOURCE: Official Bio